Staying in Phu Quoc – chosing which resort and hotel?

Instead of reviewing a specific hotel or resort, this article will provide an overview of accommodation services in Phu Quoc. Based on it, you will have more bases to choose for staying in any hotel or resort which is most suitable for your own needs.

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Looked on the map, Phu Quoc is located at the same latitude with Ha Tien province, or rather to Vung Tau city. This is an island that stretches from north to south, swells in the north and shrinks gradually in the south. In the North East of Phu Quoc are Ham Ninh Mountain and National Forest. Therefore, Phu Quoc has the long beach in the west with Long beach (Bai Dai), Truong beach (Bai Truong) which have the same name but are two separate beaches and in the East is Sao beach (Bai Sao).

Some hotels and resorts focused:

The administrative center of Phu Quoc is located in the town of Duong Dong at the center of the island in the west. It is also a densely populated place with bustling services and many motels, hotels of Phu Quoc Island. It is interesting that in Phu Quoc, the number of resorts is even much more than that of hotels.

Some noteworthy hotels around Duong Dong are the Lighthouse (3-star, quite new, nice, no pool); Boulevard (3.5-star, quite new, pool); Lavita (2-star; Pool); Huong Bien (3-star, quite old with swimming pool and private beach); Kim Hoa (2-star; quite old, with swimming pool and private beach). It should also be added that with the hotels and resorts which do not have a private beach, if you want to swim, you can choose a public bathing beach spot at Dinh Cau (it is not a flat beach with many rocks, and the sea is not very clean in my opinion), or on the beaches of the resorts (you may pay fee or not).